Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

The unprovoked act of war of the Russian Government against Ukraine is deeply concerning. Ukrainian people have the right to live in freedom and democracy and Conectus condemns the Russian aggression.

The people of Ukraine are facing a humanitarian crisis. They have to fear for their lives and flee their homes. Conectus stands united with the Ukrainian people and also with those Russian citizens taking a brave stand against the war at their own personal risk.

We want to encourage everyone to help people suffering from this crisis. Maybe you can donate some money to a charitable organization such as the International Red Cross, maybe there is an initiative at you company or in your hometown that you can support, maybe there are possibilities for you to directly support a person from Ukraine. Now is the right time to help those who suffer and to speak out for freedom and democracy!

This war is a tragedy for humanity, freedom and democracy that concerns all of us. Let us not simply stand by and do nothing but commit ourselves to those fundamental values of our society.

The Conectus Board
Hermann Boy, Jan Plecháček, Dr. Wolfgang Walter