European Workshop on Superconductivity for Sustainable Energy Systems and Particle Accelerators

Institutes and Industry joined forces for an international workshop on the impact of superconductivity for increased sustainability of energy systems and particle accelerators. The workshop was hosted by the GSI, Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung mbH a Helmholtz institute at Darmstadt, Germany and was organized by GSI together with CONECTUS, the European association of companies in superconductivity.

From October 18th to 20th 2023 experts on superconductivity discussed recent progress in the   development of superconducting material and devices for enhanced sustainability. The workshop was a great forum for exchange between the communities of accelerators and energy systems, and also for communication between participants with a research or industrial background. Renowned representatives from European research institutes and European industry presented the latest developments in the field and discussed their respective presentation with the audience. The presentations were supplemented by a general round table discussion on the most pressing questions regarding the development and use of superconducting devices to enhance sustainability. GSI experts from technology transfer contributed to and moderated this round table. Moreover, the workshop host GSI organized a guided tour of the impressive FAIR project currently under construction. This was a good conclusion to an intensive and successful event.

CONECTUS would like to thank the organization team of GSI, headed by Peter Spiller, for the excellent collaboration in the organization of the event and for the hospitality to also host the CONECTUS  Annual General Meeting as a side-event.

For further information, please see:

Superconductivity for Sustainable Energy Systems and Particle Accelerators (18-20 October 2023): Overview · GSI Indico (Indico)