CONECTUS at ISIS-30 in Korea

CONECTUS took part at the 30th International Superconductivity Industry Summit held in Daejeon, Korea, 7. – 9. 11. 2023. This time we were represented by our members Dr. Prusseit of THEVA and Dr. Fischer of Leybold.

Dr. Prusseit gave the attendees and overview of activities of CONECTUS members and also presented selected major projects in the field taking place in Europe.

Our main conclusions from the meeting:

New technologies (Compact nuclear fusion, Quantum computing, Hydrogen technology, Power generation – Transmission – Generation) are the main drivers for further large-scale industrial adoption of superconductivity.

High Temperature Superconductors are getting more attractive within low and high magnetic field applications like MRI, fusion magnets, generators and accelerator magnets.

Superconducting electronics are mandatory for quantum applications.

Several coated conductor manufacturer are increasing capacities and reducing costs significantly in the next years.

ISIS and its members will support the recently formed Superconductivity Global Alliance aiming to spread awareness of superconductivity and its key role in future on the highest national and political levels.

We are already looking forward to the next ISIS-31 to be held in Japan in 2024!